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You can truly have a magical event by hiring a magician. A magic show is for all the events including kids’ party, corporate seminars and weddings. Magicians will add a different flavour and that bit of “something special” to your event.  

A simple internet search will provide you with plenty of options to find a Toronto magician, but it is essential that you keep in mind a few considerations before you hire a service. Our experts have compiled the following list of tips for finding the perfect magician for your event.

Let us have a look,

Knowing your audience

As the event planner, you need to know the type of event you are planning for and the audience type. It’s not like adults do not get dazzled by magic, but kids genuinely enjoy a magic show. The type of audience plays a big role in selecting the kind of magic act you should hire. E.g. you can hire a street style performer who will stroll from guest to guest at the party or a birthday magician to enthrall the kids, but only after making sure of your audience type.

Doing the research

Well, this one is pretty basic. You need to invest time to research the various performers in your locality before even calling the performer. Most magician s and performers will have live performance videos posted on social networking sites and YouTube which can be leveraged for information. Additionally, you can ask the performer about what he brings to the table at events.

Consider the age of the kids

If you are looking to hire a performer for kids’ birthday party, you need to do a thorough background check. It is not just about the entertainment, but the safety standards, both physical and mental of the youngsters should be considered as well. You need to invest in a performer who gels well with the kids and one whom you can trust. Magicians and performers have must undertake a routine annual background check, so it is a great idea to ask for the validation of the same when you are looking to hire.

Go for professionals

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A bad magician can spoil the party, quite literally. However, when you hire a professional, he/she will keep the audience hooked, and everyone will have a great time at the event. Always go for a performer with tons of experience. It is not hard to do a bit of research on the internet to gather information about the service you are in negotiation with. Ask for a legal license for performance or certification before hiring. This will ensure that the performer is insured and you are covered in case of liability charges due to any negligence.

After contact

You need to ask the following questions,

  • What type of show do you do?
  • Are you a full time professional?
  • Do you have liability insurance?
  • Do you miss any show? If yes, when do you inform about your unavailability?
  • What is your experience in terms of shows per year?

Feel free to ask the performer anything that crosses your mind regarding the performance at your event. Sign on the dotted line only after you have gone over all the considerations in detail.

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