Tyga – Floss In The Bank mp3

Tyga Floss In The Bank mp3 download

Tyga Floss In The Bank mp3 download

Tyga Floss In The Bank mp3 download – With the music that Tyga put out last year, we’ve got to admit that we’re pretty excited for his next project. The California rapper hasn’t announced his intentions to drop an album or a mixtape in the future but he’s got the spotlight on him again after a stellar comeback last year. While people like Soulja Boy would beg to differ on the fact that he had the biggest return of 2018, Tyga is making sure to keep the eyes on him through another new release.

Following up “Taste” and “Dip,” Tyga has just released a brand new song called “Floss In The Bank.” Much like his previous bangers, “Floss” is a link-up between T-Raw and his favorite producer D.A. Doman, so you know the beat is going to be crazy. The lyrical content is similar to what we’ve heard in the past from him but his performance is pretty impressive again. Tyga sounds like he wants to make good music and it’s coming across in his improved efforts.

“Floss In The Bank” was released pretty quietly last night but we can assure this is a track that has potential to be his next hit. What do you think of this latest track? How does it compare to his hit records from last year?

here are some quotable Tyga – Floss In The Bank mp3 lyrics


  • Floss in the bank (Aye), still got candy on the bank (Bank)
    Lookin’ like a safe (Safe), ten bad bitches on a date (Date)
    I’m the reason why them niggas hate
    When them sound like me (Me)
    This is how you deal with heartbreak (Break)
    Bugatti tags on the plate
    Yeah my niggas pump breaks (Breaks)
    Wanna make ’em do the Harlem Shake
    In a Benz, yeah I thought you niggas late (Late)
    Let it hydrate (‘drate, drate) we thirsty?
    [?] but I’m great
    Fuck out my face (Face), are you thirsty?
    My bitch lookin’ like clickbait (Yeah)
    Ass like a cake (Cake), cake
    Make your bitch turn gay (Gay)
    Lesbian, I’m like okay (Okay)
    And I got [?] today, better mean what you say
    Place that money in the soaker, let it spray (Let it spray, trrrah)


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DOWNLOAD: Tyga – Floss In The Bank mp3

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