Piano lessons are more than music classes. They are a way of life

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Grace Music School's piano teachers on Long IslandPiano lessons are more than music classes. They are a way of life

It is impossible to live on or around Long Island without experiencing the music scene here. Long Island and the surrounding areas including Queens, Brooklyn, and Suffolk ensure a versatile music experience for travelers, tourists and residents alike. No time of the year is not good enough for a music festival. That is one of the reasons people are always looking for new shows, performances, workshops, lessons, and live sessions. Whether it’s getting music tips from a celebrity or private piano lessons from an acclaimed teacher, you can get your full share of musical experience on Long Island.

The island is home to hundreds of jazz and R&B lovers. Finding antique piano stores, music stores, and old-school live jazz performances in the Hamptons is not difficult at all. The same is true for Fort Salonga, Northport, Centerport, Deer Park, Dix Hills, Melville, Huntington, Commack, Greenlawn, Smithtown, and Syosset. Grace Music School’s piano teachers on Long Island provide regular lessons to students from all parts of Long Island and beyond. It is quite easy to find the best music schools that offer piano lessons for everyone on Long Island. You can run a Google Search and then start browsing websites for the services they provide.

What should your piano lessons cover in the beginning?

The ideal piano lessons should teach students about the best practices for reading music sheets. Daily practice under expert guidance makes it possible for students to read music and play simultaneously. Playing the piano is a lot into multi-tasking. Constant practice with the teacher during lessons helps in the development of that hand-eye-coordination that people need to play the piano. Apart from mastering the instrument, players also need to perform finger exercises and hand exercises to increase their ability to play complex compositions for long hours. Professional performers can play for hours at a stretch without mistakes and breaks. Their ability to perform correctly relies a lot on musical anticipation or even imagination. To be able to anticipate the melody after playing a set of keys determines a considerable part of their ability to play the tune correctly.

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Is your music school popular among other students?

Among several music schools in Northport, Huntington, and Melville, always look for one that has the approval of several contemporary students and performers. Do you know of any live music performer, who has been to the school you have chosen? Is any professional piano player currently endorsing the school or has in the past? Do they have acclaimed musicians come in and interact with their students from time to time? These are a few additional factors that can make a school stand out. Few schools organize special lessons for students or workshops where they get to interact with their favorite celebrity musicians. Several musicians and rockstars we see on TV are from Long Island and the surrounding places, so finding them at one of these schools for a special session is not far-fetched at all.

Learning the piano can improve a person’s intelligence

The piano is not the simplest of all musical instruments. However, it is definitely the instrument you want to learn, and you want your children to learn to improve overall intelligence and cognitive abilities. Research shows that piano players have better hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, cognition, logic and reasoning, and overall memory. They are generally more successful in life than their non-musical counterparts.

Moreover, children with a knack for playing the piano are better at mathematics, computers and they perform better in school than children who do not take any music lessons at all. If your child has ADHD or an excessively short attention span, taking piano lessons can help them. It can improve patience, focus, tenacity and general positive attitude.

Learn piano for a better quality of life

As you can probably understand by now, the piano is not just another instrument you can pick up and master on a whim. It begins as music lessons and gradually becomes a way of life. It’s not just music,it’s a powerful instrument that can improve your quality of life and your overall productivity. Since music lessons come in many forms, including pop, jazz, rock and classical, it’s easy for a person to pick the sound he or she loves most and enjoy it thoroughly. Piano lessons do take time and patience. You will need the best teacher you can find to master this instrument, but once you do, you will never be bored in life ever again! You can play for yourself, or a room full of people. Entertainment and pleasure will remain under your command once you learn how to play this beautiful musical instrument.

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Does your school have piano playing competitions?

Do not forget to check if the school organizes or participates in piano competitions. You might think it’s not as crucial in the beginning, but contests may open up new windows of opportunity for you. Several celebrity judges and well-known musicians come as chief guests and judges of these events. Performing on a competitive platform exposes your talent and musical prowess to a plethora of new people, who can share a word or two about your performance on social media, or refer you to musicians, performance platforms or special auditions. If you want to become a professional musician or a live performer later in life, adding these experiences to your portfolio will help you grow. Apart from practicing your techniques and finger exercises, you will need exposure to the competitive front to find out how much you’re improving every day and how well you can perform in front of your competition.

While looking for the more detailed aspects of the lessons and schools, don’t forget to exercise the fun factor. Piano lessons and music, in general, should be refreshing and fun for every age. Without that, it will become too daunting for adults and children alike. So speak with your potential teacher and school authorities to make sure you will have fun on your way to becoming a piano virtuoso.


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