Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez May BeGetting Back Following Her Split From The Weeknd

Rumour has it that Jelena might be making a return. Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez have always dated on and off for quite a number of years before she moved on to date The Weeknd. Now that Selena’s relationship with The Weeknd is over, sources close to Bieber say he is happy as it may mean he and Selena can get back.

Justin is happy Selena is single. He hopes to regain her trust so they can get back together,” says the source.

An insider previously told PEOPLE the exes are not back together despite spending quality time together over the weekend, the Bieber source says the entertainer, would love nothing more than to rekindle their romance.

They have so much to catch up on,” “They dealt with things separately this year that made them different people. It wouldn’t be surprising if they got back together.

According to multiple sources, Bieber reached out to her after learning about her kidney transplant.

It seems their relationship now is very different,” says the source of their friendship. “Justin is certainly a much better person. He would be a better boyfriend, too.

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