Cardi B Money mp3 download

Cardi B Money mp3 download

Cardi B Money mp3 download – cardi b has release a new solo track titled “money” we now have the new track for you to listen and download free.

This is her 1st long awaited track since the release of her debut album invasion of privacy which has only two guest artists on it, Migos and 21 Savage. Cardi B’s aim with Money Bag other twelve tracks is no other than to clear this year Gammy award.

here are some quotable Cardi B – Money lyrics


  • Look, my bitches all bad, my niggas all real
    I ride on his dick, in some big tall heels
    Big fat checks, big large bills
    Front, I’ll flip like ten cartwheels
    Cold ass bitch, I give Ross chills
    Ten different looks and my looks all kill
    I kiss him in the mouth, I feel all grills
    He eat in the car, that’s meals on wheels (Woo!)

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DOWNLOAD : Cardi B – Money mp3

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