DOWNLOAD AUdio: Eminem – Walk On Water Ft. Beyonce

Eminemcould have dropped a new single or albumwith no promotion whatsoever and it would still have huge commercial success and be one of the most talked about things of the year. However we’re glad he decided to hav, e a little marketing campaign for it because it’s been building anticipation better than we could have even hoped for.

In August we heard rumours of a new single possibly with P!nk. Then in September we heard it was titled ‘Revenge‘. In October we heard a new Em album could be out on November 17th and just a coupleof days after that came the infamous BET verse.

Still though, there was no real evidence of an LP anytime soon. And that’s when things really kicked off.
Paul Rosenberg’s IG post gave us more info than we could have even hoped for and the Revival hype was through the roof just like that. Earlier this week on social media, a single called ‘Walk On Water’ was teased in a similar fashion and finally, here we are.

“Play Online”

DOWNLOAD MP3: Eminem – Walk On Water Ft. Beyonce

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