Blackface Releases A 2014 Chat Evidence Of 2Face Admitting To Intellectual Property Theft

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Read his caption:-

Sometimes people push you to the wall and you have no choice but to fight back.

This is one of my conversation some years back with @official2baba when i Asked him why did he record my song #Letsomebodyloveyou without my #permission and this was his reply saying he thought he told me but really he didn’t..

and why add your manager as a writer also? so you guys can steal my publishing money?

And when asked why you stole my song #Letsomebodyloveyou you Tuface said it wasn’t true and maybe my twitter Account was hacked N after which you unfollowed me but I had this saved for many many years so you can see the level of lies you been feeding fans and people all along .

Your manager can’t be a writer in my song boy….its theft And Against the law n funny when you think about all of this….

You of all people should know I never could spread false allegations Bout you unless you denying it And claiming innocent as the Tuface wey you be …

This is why you n your creepy agents are trying to silent me via social media n avoid meetings to resolve this, but Jah has got my back OK .

I have more evidence to this effect in case the need for it arises ok tuface & Efe omoregbe & company .

Its sad you people forgot what I stand for..I am against corrupt people And bad leaders so una suppose know say e no go easy for all of una when like Hammer i am too legit to quit #BFN

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