Ariana Grande Enlists Troye Sivan for New ‘Thank U, Next’ Music Video Trailer

“Ariana says, honest to god, knock me out. So I decided to punch myself in the face. It was… awesome.” No, really, don’t take our word for it. It’s all there in the trailer for Ariana Grande’s music video for “Thank U, Next.”

In the latest snippet, a range of geeky, overwhelmed and not-quite-up-to-speed high school students tell the camera their very own Ariana Grande story. One of those pupils is none other than her “Dance to This” collaborator Troye Sivan, who had this to say:

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“I heard she’s a lesbian who’s now dating a chick called Aubrey. It’s fucking sick.” The “punch myself in the face” dialog comes from a suitably star-struck youngster.But what does it all mean? What we do know is the video is inspired by some of Ari’s favorite teen comedies, from Legally Blonde to Mean Girls, Bring It On and more.

The song is already a huge hit around the globe but the music video is still listed as “coming soon.”

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