Facebook Marketplace not working – Near Me – Places I can Find the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace not working – Near Me – Places I can Find the Facebook Marketplace

Is your Facebook marketplace not working? If your Facebook marketplace is not working there are some reasons for that which I will be listing out on this guide.

Facebook marketplace is a convenient and easy way of buying and selling within the Facebook itself locally around us. On the marketplace, you can look through great listings or search for the items that are near you to be able to find great items to buy.

On the marketplace app you can list items and find great deals directly within Facebook. The marketplace is not a Standalone app on its own, so you do not download or create a new account to use it.

You can reach thousands of people in your locality, find and explore great items for sale. The Facebook marketplace is available in the Facebook app, laptops and desktops.

It is compatible with IOS and Android devices.
New Facebook account s are not accessible to the marketplace even if it available you locality. On the marketplace app you can find cars, clothes, TVs and real estates for sale. People sell both used and new items on the app.

The marketplace is not yet worldwide but the Facebook team is working on it. It is only available in 0 countries which I will mention on this article.

Places I can Find the Facebook Marketplace
The Facebook marketplace is available to users from the age range of 18 and older in the following locations;
> Algeria.
> Anguilla.
> Antigua.
> Argentina.
> Aruba.
> Australia.
> Austria.
> Barbados.
> Belgium.
> Belize.
> Bermuda.
> Bolivia.
> British Virgin Islands.
> Bulgaria.
> Canada.
> Cayman Islands.
> Chile.
> Colombia.
> Costa Rica.
> Croatia.
> Cyprus.
> Czech Republic.
> Denmark.
> Dominica.
> Dominican Republic.
> Ecuador.
> Egypt.
> El Salvador.
> Estonia.
> Falkland Islands.
> Finland.
> French Guiana.
> Greece.
> Grenada.
> Guadeloupe.
> Guatemala.
> Guyana.
> Haiti.
> Honduras.
> Hong Kong.
> Hungary.
> Ireland.
> Israel.
> Italy.
> Latvia.
. Lithuania.
> Luxembourg.
> Malaysia.
> Malta.
> Martinique.
> Mayotte.
> Morocco.
> Netherlands.
> Netherlands Antilles.
> New Zealand.
> Nicaragua.
> Norway.
> Panama.
> Paraguay.
> Peru.
> Philippines.
> Poland.
> Portugal.
> Puerto Rico.
> Romania.
> Reunion.
> Saint Kitts and Nevis.
> Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
> Singapore.
> Slovakia.
> Slovenia.
> South Africa.
> Spain.
> St. Lucia.
> Suriname.
> Sweden.
> Switzerland.
> Taiwan.
> The Bahamas.
> Trinidad and Tobago.
> Turkey.
> Turks and Caicos Islands.
> Uruguay.
> US Virgin Islands.
> Venezuela.

If the marketplace is not available in your locality then you won’t be able to access it.

How to Access the Marketplace
To be able to access the Facebook marketplace, you must be logged in to your account. Follow the guides below;
> Launch the Facebook marketplace or access your browser and go to www.facebook.com
> Input your login details (phone number or email address and password).
> Hit on login.

The account profile will be loaded on the device if the details are right.

Facebook Marketplace not working – Why can’t I Access Facebook Marketplace?
There are some factors that will be the cause of your the ability to access the Facebook marketplace or to why the Facebook marketplace is not working. To start, first try loading the marketplace from this link https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/;
> If the link doesn’t work for you then, it simply means the Facebook marketplace is not available in your country now.
> If the link works for you but says access was removed: it means you have been restricted or removed from using it. Your access would be removed from the marketplace when you use it a way that goes against the Commerce Policies or the Community Standards. If you follow the policies then, go to the marketplace from your Facebook and click on “Request Review” and then fill out the necessary details. Then submit and wait to get a response from Facebook.
> If the link works, but the marketplace icon is not on your page, then visit the marketplace from the menu.

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