Facebook Marketplace Cars – How to Sell Cars on Market place

Facebook Marketplace Cars – How to Sell Cars on Market placeFacebook Marketplace Cars – How to Sell Cars on Market placeAre you a Facebook user who has any car for sale? Facebook Marketplace is there for you to use in listing your car for sale and eventually getting buyers.

Facebook Marketplace Cars simply refers to the cars that are listed for sale on the marketplace. Each car you come across on the Facebook marketplace were all listed out by users just like you who want to sell the car and you can also make your own listing if you have any car for sale.

The marketplace is a free digital marketplace for anyone to use in buying and selling in their locality. Facebook Marketplace is not yet available worldwide but the Facebook team is working on making it global.

What is Facebook Marketplace?
The Facebook marketplace can simply be referred to as a digital marketplace within Facebook itself, which registered users can discover, buy and sell locally.

To use the marketplace you are not required to download another application or set up a separate account, the Facebook Marketplace is an inbuilt feature within your Facebook app.

On the Marketplace, you can list out any item of your choice for sale and you can look through and find great deals of item and products. The Marketplace icon will appear on your Facebook page if the app is available in your locality and also you must be 18 years or older with the latest Facebook version.

How to get Facebook Marketplace icon
If you wish to sell or buy Facebook Marketplace cars from the comfort of your home, you would first need to get access to the marketplace feature. The marketplace exists as an icon on your Facebook app.

It is compatible with any device type including the IOS and Android device. The Facebook marketplace has a desktop and laptop version too. You can access the Facebook market icon at the top of your Android device and at the bottom of your IOS device.

If you are using a web browser via your desktop or laptop you can access the marketplace icon on the left side of your Facebook homepage.

How Do I Access Facebook Marketplace?
To access Facebook and make use of the marketplace feature, you would have to be logged in to your Facebook account. New accounts are not allowed to use the marketplace app.

All you have to do is to log in to your account by following below;
> Launch the Facebook application or access the browser on your device and go www.facebook.com
> Type in your Login details (mobile number or email address and password).
> Hit on Log in.

If the login details are right, the profile will be loaded on the device.

How to Sell Cars on Facebook Marketplace
Listing a car on the Facebook marketplace is very simple and fast. Access the marketplace icon or app on your page and follow the instructions below;
> Once the marketplace has been loaded on your device, hit on the “Sell Something” tab.
> Then hit on “Item for Sale”.
> Fill in the title of the item you are listing, the price, the location and the category of the item.
> Add a description of the item.
> Include pictures of the car you want to list from the device that you are using.
> Select the places you want it to appear.
> Hit on “Post” to publish.

You have published your car to the marketplace. Buyers can contact you on Facebook if they need your item.


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